Old site, new insights

It has been two years since my last post. Time flies.

I think I might have changed to an extent beyond my own recognition.

There were many things I went through in these years. The past two years have recoloured my horizons, in shades of red, pink, blue and grey.

The exposure to the outside world gave me copious amount of insights – be it the power of love, sacrifice; or the grief and the regret; or injustice which could not be fixed to any extent.

People come, people go. People are born, and people passed on. Some moved on, some barely hanging on.

The paradox of myself – to ask people to move on and in the end I found myself as the one not moving on.

Was there a tinge of hopelessness, or a dose of regret beneath the façade of a resilient, positive me?

When people say time will heal all wounds, I wish to disagree. Perhaps the time is not long enough for me.


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